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Palais Saluzzo

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Saluzzo Palace - Palais Saluzzo 

Cartolina del viaggio in Francia che ho fatto con la mia famiglia. In una moto mio padre e mia madre, in un'altra io e mio fratello! Ho voluto immortalare la gioia che provavo in questa foto.

Postcard of the trip I took with my family to France. On one motorcycle traveled my father and my mother, on the other me and my brother! 


The Frame is not Included.


I am proud to say that my prints are sustainably packaged and carbon-neutral from end-to-end. The materials used to produce your orders have been carefully selected to reduce the impact on the environment whilst still ensuring your orders get to you in perfect condition. We are aware that the c-type process uses a precious metal, silver as it’s fundamental component to achieve high quality photographic prints. Silver is the raw material used to make the light sensitive emulsion that is suspended on the paper to generate our photographic prints. The silver residue and by-products of the photographic process are valuable raw materials so we extract them and recycle them after the prints have been made.

Printing Technique

C-type printing
It’s basically the darkroom in the Digital Age – true photographic prints made using chromogenic materials and processes but with the light source coming from a digital file, rather than directly from a negative. Light sensitive silver halide paper is exposed using an LED or laser light source and put through a conventional chemical developing process.

Art Paper Type

Fuji Crystal archive paper with a semi-matt finish. The paper is coated with a slightly stippled texture giving a very natural photographic finish with subtle colour. Moreover, I choose this professional archival photographic paper to ensure the maximum achievable archival lifespan for your print.