Handmade & Sustainable "Things" that Remind You to Slow Down.

I have always had the belief that many small and imperfect actions can make a difference.

My small and imperfect action is an illustration, a piece of ceramic, a dress or a photo with a Purpose. The purpose of making you SLOW DOWN AND MEDITATE.

How the "THINGS" I handcraft born.

1. Every "THING" I create starts from an inner motion that gives me a rush of adrenaline and happiness. It can happen while I'm looking at something, while I'm lost in my thoughts, while I'm listening to someone. So I take a picture or write a note that impress that feeling.


2. Then that feeling needs to settle in my mind, even if it will continue to buzz in my head.


3. Then one day, (I don't know how) slowly, I decide to start. I start with multiple steps: colors' study, materials, sustainability, feasibility, interaction with the other creations (I love to have an organic overall vision). It's a long, perfectionist process (so perfectionist that sometimes the idea doesn't come to life).


4. Then at a certain point, during this creative process, I feel a very strong emotion, I feel that it is the right one and I feel an immense joy and the urgency to practically create it.


Here then the "THING" comes to life.

How was the Brand born?

It's March 3rd, 2019. Alex, a very dear friend of mine, pure soul, generous and intelligent, knows I'm going through a arduos moment in my life, so at 9.08 am he decides to send me a message.

He writes to me:

I am reading this book by a Japanese writer: Murakami. I want to dedicate these two pages to you. He adds: It happens in the course of life that we have to go through our own sandstorm ... now is your time, when it will end (because it will) you will surely be stronger than ever.

I love you.

The Brave Ant

In the meantime, in the wall behind me, I saw an ant that had ventured by itself, I started to take a video and while I was filming, it moved from the wall to my notebook. Something started inside of me, the courage of that ant hit me! And I began thinking. I wrote my feelings in that notebook. I threw them down in a hurry, confused, unfiltered. Then, I left them to settle, because I knew that when I would be ready, I would listen to those feelings.

I transcribe to you those words as they are, raw but extremely intimate.

March 1st 2019

I feel that inside of me I am sweet, spontaneous, simple.

And I would like to be like this every day. Free to be myself.

But in this business world it is not okay to be like this.

If I could express myself I would do it by painting, moulding ceramics, with colors and photography. I would observe the wonder of a Sicilian wall with its lichen spots and I would pay attention to the ant that walks on it.

This society, people, are like us towards ants. We tread on them without even realizing it and we continue undeterred without taking care to destroy their yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Kind Ants is born from the observation of the world.

From the observation of an ant walking on a wall. From finding a balance in this society that is going in the wrong direction.

The ant teaches us a lot. To pay attention to what surrounds us, because our actions can destroy other small or large universes. Even unconsciously, and they teach us that one person's action may not be enough. But if everyone plays its part, big or small, the result is exponentially wonderful.

We should be thinkers, dreamers, act, live. Why, on the other hand, are we concerned with earning, excelling, demonstrating?
Above all demonstrating,
demonstrating to whom?
To ourselves or to others?

(The original note is in Italian, so it is slighly differet but the meaning is the same).

I wasn't ready at that time to feel those words, I didn't have the courage to create this thing by myself, but that Brave Ant, laid the groundwork for the Kind Ants, which 3 years later came to life.