I think that Framing is synonymous with personality. The Frame can totally change the aspect of the Artwork: minimal, funny, serious, vintage.
Personally, I prefer Minimal Frames (Light Wooden frames or Black Frames) but this is up to your taste + your homestyle.

If you’re looking for something custom-made, I would first check out your local frame shop. Helping Local Businesses is ethically better and good for Sustainability.

But if you are looking for something more affordable, I’ve pulled together some options below.

All my Artworks are divided into two categories:  Squared or Rectangular.



Wooden Frames

30x30 cm (300x300 mm)

40x40 cm (400x400 mm)

50x50 cm (500x500 mm)




21x30 cm (210x300 mm), 30x40 cm (300x400 mm), 50x70 cm (500x700 mm) )

70x100 cm (700x1000 mm)


HOVSTA Cornice, effetto betulla, 21x30 cm