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Gio's Kayak!

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The Frame is not Included.

Original Illustration 

Printed on high-quality highly textured matte finish artist paper with rich, saturated colors using archival pigment inks for long life.

Available sizes

30X30cm (12"X12")

40x40cm (16"x16")

50X50cm (20"X20")


I'm proud to say that my prints are sustainably packaged and carbon-neutral from end-to-end. The materials used to produce your orders have been carefully selected to reduce the impact on the environment whilst still ensuring your orders get to you in perfect condition. Sustainably sourced Inkjet papers.

Printing Technique

Giclée Art Printing
A Giclée print is a high-quality archival inkjet print. The word Giclée (pronounced ‘Jee-Klay’ with a soft J), comes from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt, spurt, or spray". We use the latest best-in-class printers, capable of producing EXTREMELY High print resolutions.

Art Paper Type

Canson Aquarelle Rag
Canson Aquarelle Rag is a highly textured Giclée art paper, offering strong reproduction of blacks and good colour intensity with a texture that holds the ink and catches the light. This Giclée paper has a white uncoated paper base, which together with the texture gives the artwork a lovely fine art reproduction feel.