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This is a Watercolor I made while I was living in NY. An evening I was very emotionally stroked so I needed to see a new light and feel a new emotion. I took a sheet of paper, my watercolors and I let my emotions guide me. Once finished, it was so beautiful and I felt so free, that I decided that in the future I will have to create my clothing line and the first shirt will have this pattern.

Questo é un Acquerello che ho realizzato mentre vivevo a NY. Nasce da una serata in cui stavo soffendo molto e avevo bisogno di vedere una nuova luce e sentire una nuova emozione. Ho preso un foglio, i miei Acquerelli e mi sono fatta guidare dalle emozioni, senza pensare. Una volta finito, era cosí bello e mi sentivo cosí libera, che ho deciso di creare una linea di vestiti e la prima camicia, avrá proprio questo pattern.


The Frame is not Included.


I am proud to say that my prints are sustainably packaged and carbon-neutral from end-to-end. The materials used to produce your orders have been carefully selected to reduce the impact on the environment whilst still ensuring your orders get to you in perfect condition. Sustainably sourced Inkjet paper.

Printing Technique

A Giclée print is a high-quality archival inkjet print. The word Giclée (pronounced ‘Jee-Klay’ with a soft J), comes from the French verb gicler meaning "to spray".
Giclée printers use a higher quality of fade-resistant, archival, pigment-based inks with an unbeatable archival lifespan of up to 200 years.

Art Paper Type

Ilford Cotton Textured is a highly textured Giclée art paper, offering strong reproduction of blacks and good color intensity with a texture that holds the ink and catches the light.
Our Giclée paper manufacturers only use resources from sustainable forest management areas. This program ensures the preservation and protection of biodiversity, the renewal of the forests' habitats, and decreasing of the impacts of exploitation of forest areas for future generations. The paper made at their mills is certified for the traceability of the wood fibers from an origin of non-threatened forests.