About Chiara


Nice to meet you, this is Chiara Mariagiulia. Chiara is my name, Maria the name of my father's mother and Giulia of my mother's mother, isn't incredibly sweet? There was also Giovanna, who I had to remove for bureaucratic complications, but for me this name is sweet and funny because it reflects the abundance and generosity that characterize my dad. Which I will introduce to you because he is the root of the Kind Ants in Madagascar.

I spent my childhood playing in the countryside, with patches on my pants and a skinned knee. Whole afternoons looking for wildflowers and looking at anthills with my little dog Fix, an unrivaled friend and adventure's buddy! Climbing trees with my brother, catcher and hide and seek. This is the simplicity that nature taught me. The kindness for what surrounds me, the slow living & the love for simple things.

Then time goes faster and faster. I remember myself coming back home and ignoring Fix while is wagging her tail, because there is no more time to play together, there are more important things to do, homework, the piano, friends. Then the high school comes. One day I go to school and I hear my classmates chatting about admission tests to the college, actually I had never thought about the after... Times go faster again and I find myself studying at the college on the other side of Italy.

Everyone around me is in a hurry to grow up, to reach the goal. I still feel small, but at school I learned that I can't be outdone, I'm used to run without asking myself why! I become an engineer, fly to San Francisco to do my thesis in Berkeley, what a brilliant girl! And I run, I run faster and faster, because the people around me run and are always forward, tireless, but what are they chasing? How do they know what the goal is? I wonder. I don't know, but when in doubt I keep running!

Meanwhile my brother gets sick, a lymphoma. For the first time I Slow Down. I admire my brother's strength! But where does he get it? He is not afraid, he fights and he has even won! But at the same time I am betrayed by someone, in the time where I am vulnerable. In this moment I am so hurt, so the blow goes very deep. I start wondering what the meaning of life is… what am I running for? I don't remember anymore.

I stopped while the whole world kept running, I'm left behind! So, I tried to reassamble the pieces and to start running again. I moved to NY, the city that never sleeps! The best in the race for life live there. They will run faster than the others or more cunningly, but they will finish first! I lived for a few years in the homeland of the disposable plastic bottle. In the homeland where there is no time to slow down and cook your own meal then you order it with the app of the moment and an immigrant without a name, without a face, without dignity, will come to deliver it, without being worthy of a look because after all it is only a gear of the system.

Something inside me was changing. I started asking myself: << Why am I running? Where am I going? To achieve what? While I am running, without looking back, am I missing something that I will not be able to have back? am I stepping on someone else without realizing? >>. I lived like this because the society I grew up in taught me that it was right, but I felt the same feeling of stomach's in a knot when for the first time I consciously ignored Fix (my childwood dog) because by now I was too old and too busy to play with her.

One day, I decided to stop running. I finally stopped! I did what for many would be an involution, a defeat. I went back to my origins, to simplicity, I come back home. I started enjoing the little things, a hug with mom and dad, the smell of the countryside, the time spent thinking and not acting.