Print & Size


All my Prints are printed on Demand by The Print Space. They provides the finest art papers and process to make prints that will take your breath away with their detail, colour accuracy and impact.  For each of my Products, I carefully Select the Best Mach for Paper and Printing Technique. 

The Illustrations are Printed with Giclée Art Printing Technique. Then I choose among 7 sustainable art papers, from highly textured to smooth to glossy.

The Photographs are made with a Silver-based Digital C-type print Technique. This assure a professional, gorgeous image quality + durability. 

So, what are C-type prints? It’s basically the darkroom in the Digital Age – true photographic prints made using chromogenic materials and processes but with the light source coming from a digital file, rather than directly from a negative. Light sensitive silver halide paper is exposed using an LED or laser light source and put through a conventional chemical developing process.



SQUARED  30x30 cm - 40x40 cm - 50x50cm

RECTANGULAR  30x40 cm - 40x50 cm - 50x70cm